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Legislative Exchanges

If you are looking for bill-writing ideas, you should begin your search with the two major ideological legislative exchange organizations in the United States: ALEC and SiX.

Legislative exchanges are think tanks which produce model policy — sample legislation covering a wide range of topics and designed for legislators who want to present innovative policy proposals to their legislatures.

Members should note that model legislation provided by legislative exchanges will likely not be formatted correctly for submission to MSL. Any model legislation used should be reformatted before submission to the Attorney General.

For Conservatives

Conservatives looking for policy ideas and sample legislation can turn to the American Legislative Exchange Council.

For Liberals

Liberals looking for policy ideas and sample legislation can turn to the State Innovation Exchange.

Think Tanks

Think tanks are research organizations specializing in public policy. Some think tanks are unaffiliated and maintain either a centrist stance or present multiple ideologies impartially, while others are openly ideological or even partisan.


The information, images, links, and other content displayed on this page are for the express purpose of connecting MSL members to policy organizations in order to improve the quality of legislation produced by the members of the Maryland Student Legislature and to facilitate informed debate.  This information is provided for educational purposes only.  Nothing on this page should be construed as an endorsement — express or implied — by Maryland Student Legislature, Incorporated.

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