Kevin Rein, C’15,
is the new governor
of the Maryland
Student Legislature
(MSL)—a student-run nonprofit
organization providing college
students with hands-on
experience as members of the
state government.
Students are elected each
year to delegations, and then
simulate the legislative process
by researching issues, proposing
legislation at the committee level,
reporting to the full assembly, and
debating and voting on legislation
in a full student-legislative session

Rein, Lieutenant Governor Maria
Sofia, C’16, and Speaker of the
House of Delegates Ryan Bolger,
C’15, make up three of the top
spots in the Student Legislature
for the coming year.
“We are thrilled that three of
the top positions are held by
Mount students,” said
Maureen Oakley, associate
professor of political
science. “This is a great
learning opportunity where students write and debate
their own legislation, and if
the legislation is passed by the
Maryland Student Legislature,
it can be forwarded on to
Maryland government officials for
Rein is the first Mount student
to be elected governor. He won
a tightly contested election that
required a re-vote, as neither
candidate had a constitutional
majority in the first round of