Join a Delegation

MSL has active delegations at schools across the state. Each delegation has a Delegation Chairperson: a student at your school who leads the chapter and who can answer any questions you may have. Delegations also hold weekly or biweekly meetings you can attend on campus.

Contact the Lieutenant Governor at for more information and to be put in contact with MSL students at your school.

Start a Delegation

If there is no delegation at your school, we invite you to start one. If that sounds daunting, fear not: we have a team of dedicated students who are ready to meet with you, answer questions, and provide you with recruitment tips and resources. Before you begin that process, we invite you to come to an MSL event as an at-large member so that you can experience MSL without having to worry about managing a club. And it is our policy to waive event fees for new groups, so that you can see what MSL is about at no cost.

Contact the Lieutenant Governor at for more information.

Alumni and Community Members


If you are not currently enrolled at a college or university in Maryland, we are always looking for dedicated professionals of all ages and backgrounds to serve on the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, or in another volunteer capacity.

Contact for more information.

Attend a Fundraiser or Legislative Reception

MSL holds two annual events that are open to the public. Each January, we hold a reception in the Lowe House Office Building adjacent to the State House in Annapolis, where students, legislators, staff, and members of the public can meet to discuss MSL’s program and a variety of other issues. And each spring, we hold a fundraising reception to support our program.

Contact for more information.


MSL relies on the generosity of our community partners, whose financial support helps to defray the costs of providing this critical program to Maryland’s students. Our long-term goal is to be able to offer the MSL program to all interested students, free of charge. Donations help to advance that goal. There are a variety of ways to contribute to MSL.

You can read more on our donation page.