Ashlee Rowles is a student at Hood College in Frederick. The Governor is the chief programmatic officer of MSL. The Governor is responsible for representing the students as a member of the Board of Directors of MSL, Inc., presiding over meetings of the state government, signing or vetoing all legislation passed by the General Assembly, supervising the work of the Council of State, and appointing cabinet members, among other responsibilities.

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Lieutenant Governor

Currently vacant. The Lieutenant Governor coordinates MSL’s recruitment efforts, coordinates the Annual Session, and presides over meetings of the state government in the Governor’s absence, among other responsibilities.

Attorney General

Currently vacant. The Attorney General acts as the chief legal advisor and parliamentarian for MSL and the Council of State, accepts, reviews, and refers legislation to committees, proposes amendments to the Standing Rules of Order, maintains the writing manuals for acts, resolutions, and amendments, and supplies MSL members with materials relating to parliamentary procedure, among other responsibilities.

Secretary of State

Currently vacant. The Secretary of State serves as the clerk of the General Assembly, notifies MSL members of upcoming events, coordinates Council of State elections, and maintains administrative and legislative records, among other responsibilities.

Speaker of the Assembly

Currently vacant. The Speaker of the Assembly presides over the General Assembly, assigns committee chairs, vice chairs, and members, appoints the Speaker Pro Tempore, rules on points of order, and sits as an ex officio member of all standing committees, among other responsibilities.


Currently vacant. The Comptroller maintains the checkbook and ledger of MSL’s programmatic accounts, reports on their balance at all state government meetings, collects fees, manages reimbursements, works with the Governor to enforce the budget, and works with the Corporate Treasurer, among other responsibilities.

Former Council of State Officers