At a meeting tonight, the Maryland Student Legislature adopted provisions for unaffiliated members to participate in the Maryland Student Legislature for the first time.

Beginning with the 2017 Winter Session, persons who are eligible for regular membership at an institution that does not already have an official delegation of the Maryland Student Legislature at the institution which they are presently enrolled may participate as part of an unaffiliated delegation for up to two Maryland Student Legislature events.

The idea behind this program is to allow student interested in MSL to attend our events and get a feel for how MSL works before committing to creating a delegation. Once the student attends two events, they will then be better positioned to begin the work of establishing a delegation at their school.

The Lieutenant Governor will be spearheading the effort to recruit members for this Unaffiliated Delegation and will serve the role of the Delegation Chairperson for this group.

If you are interested in participating in MSL or know somebody who might be, please contact the Lieutenant Governor at